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ocicat cat Ocicat 
Ocicat Cats are descended from two breeds of Abyssinian and Siamese. Virginia Daly, a cat breeder from Berkeley, Mich., crossed Abyssinian cat type. Furthermore, two strains were crossed with the American Shorthair and Ocicat cats produce. Ocicat Cats desirable because it is similar to Ocelot which is a type of cat endangered its existence.
  • Penampilan
Ocicat Ocicat resembles a wild cat did not even have the blood of wild and domestic cats have such temperament. Ocicat cat has short hair, and smooth. Ocicat cat coat color spots and come in various colors, including chocolate, cinnamon and silver. Ocicat males weigh about 9-14 pounds, while for female Ocicat approximately 6-9 pounds.
  • Characteristics
Ocicat is a cat who is very smart and easily trained. cats are energetic and like to jump into the closet and the high places. Ocicat is a type of cat that is easy to adapt well to new pets and for children. Ocicats will adapt to family life and will fetch, walk on the rope, and respond to voice commands owners.
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